Social innovation

Projects to unlock young people's potential, increase female participation in the workplace and establish a proactive dialogue with institutions

When we talk about social innovation, we mean that companies can contribute to improving not only their own organisation, but also the wider socioeconomic situation of the country as a whole. Valore D promotes and spreads companies’ knowledge and best practices, liberating Italy’s enormous potential for growth, which is as yet unrealised. A case in point: if employment among women were to reach 60%, the country’s GDP would increase by 7% (del Boca, 2012).

Valore D has therefore set itself the ambitious challenge of harnessing the experience of its member companies not only for their own benefit but for the progress of the country, structuring its social innovation initiatives around three projects.


The first, dedicated to tomorrow’s women, is InspirinGirls. Find out more >  > CLICK HERE


The second, the Manifesto for female employment, has a wider target, working for the socio-economic progress of the country. Find out more > CLICK HERE


The third project involves women who aim for joining corporate Boards of Directors: InTheBoardroom. Find out more > CLICK HERE


The last project is Wanter, a social innovation digital platform for the career guidance of boys and girls to discover the jobs of the future. Find out more > CLICK HERE