Inclusion Impact Index

Inclusion Impact Index, an easy-to-use and concrete tool to measure the effectiveness of a company's diversity and inclusion policies

The Inclusion Impact Index was developed by Valore D with the support of the Politecnico di Milano to offer all companies the opportunity to map their diversity and inclusion policies and measure their effectiveness.

What is it?

This tool supports companies in concretely realising the planned commitments signed with the Valore D Manifesto for female employment and therefore represents a further step towards gender balance.
For a complete, personalised and illustrated map, the company can log in with a click and fill in the survey.

The index will measure the organisational impact in four macro-areas: governance, ability to attract, develop and enhance female talent over time. The indicators of each area are based on international ESG sustainability standards, and the company can, therefore, use the results obtained to complete the mandatory non-financial information in its annual report.
Each company will be able to compare its result with that of all the other companies as well as customising the comparison parameters.

How does it work?

  • Simply access via the link where you can create your own account;
  • Fill in the 60 specific indicators, which will allow you to have an overall map of diversity and inclusion policies within your company.
  • View your personalised, illustrated and explained result in real time. The output is created based on an algorithm developed in partnership with the Politecnico di Milano
  • Compare your results with the other companies having compiled the Inclusion Impact Index.


Compile, consult and compare!