Valore D Manifesto

The Valore D Manifesto: a 9-point programme for gender equality at work

Promoting female employment and gender equity as a driver of innovation and growth for businesses: this can be achieved if the presence of women in organisations is a monitored target and if their contribution is valued at every level. This is the aim of Valore D’s Manifesto for female employment, which has already been signed by over 130 Chairs and Managing Directors since its launch in September 2017.

Valore D’s objective is to have the document signed and implemented by as many companies as possible throughout the country, thus making it an instrument for dialogue and engagement among companies and with institutions.

In the Manifesto, Valore D outlines a 9-point agenda identifying the fundamental ways in which companies can increase the presence of women in their teams. Among other things, it discusses the following: awareness of gender diversity during the recruitment phase, experimenting with flexible working, development of corporate wellbeing and promotion of STEM skills (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Additionally, a commitment to the professional growth of women in senior positions. Each of these points is tracked using the indicators of the GRI’s (Global Reporting Initiative) Integrated Reporting as a benchmark. This became a legal requirement for numerous companies in 2018.

Based on Manifesto’s point #3, the Association in 2018 has launched a communication campaign against pay gap (#nopaygap).

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