Measurement and Certification

Measure to improve

Certification is the final step of a structured approach to inclusion in organizations, as it allows the measurement of the most relevant indicators over time, in order to achieve gender balance.
Since 2017 Valore D has offered companies the opportunity to monitor the progress of strategies towards greater gender and age inclusion through the
Inclusion Impact Index. The Inclusion Impact Index is based on the sustainability indicators provided for by the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), which is the international standard for reporting non-financial information.

Gender certification in the PNRR

The certification of gender equality has been included by the Government in the Mission 5 of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), “Cohesion and Inclusion”, and is one of the key innovations introduced by law 162/2021, in force since December 3, which modifies the Code of equal opportunities between men and women (Legislative Decree 198/2006).

On April 5 2022, the Ministry of Equal Opportunities established a Permanent Working Group on gender certification for businesses with the aim of monitoring its functioning over time.

The Italian standardization body UNI has implemented the provisions of the law by publishing on April 16 2022 the reference practice UNI PdR 125:2022,

which is a model of quantitative and qualitative indicators regarding the policies and the practices on gender diversity in organizations.

The practice contemplates the activities of measurement, reporting and evaluation of gender data in the organizations with the goal of bridging the gaps that currently exist, as well as incorporating a new paradigm on gender equality into the DNA of organizations, in a way that produces a sustainable and lasting change over time.

The certification represents an important and useful tool for companies to certify the real policies and practices adopted by employers, aimed at reducing the gaps in terms of growth opportunities, equal pay for equal jobs and maternity in the management of gender differences. By obtaining the certification, companies will have a 1% reduction (up to 50.000€ per year) on the fiscal contributions, as well as reward scores for tenders of private and public projects.

This is not a national standard, but it defines the guidelines on the management system for gender equality, through the use of a structured set of performance indicators (KPIs) regarding gender equality policies in use in the private and public organizations.

The certification will be voluntary and will be provided exclusively by accredited certification bodies.


What are the indicators needed to achieve the gender certification of the PNRR?

The indicators needed to achieve the gender certification and provided in the UNI 125:2022 textbook cover the following areas:

  • Corporate culture and strategy on gender diversity
  • Governance structure dedicated to gender diversity
  • HR processes related to the life cycle of human resources in organizations
  • Growth opportunities in the company for everyone regardless of gender
  • Remunerative equity
  • Protection of parenting and reconciliation of life and work

Which certification bodies are accredited for PdR UNI 125:2022?

The list of certification bodies accredited to deliver the gender certification of PdR UNI 125:2022 will be available on the website of AccrediaTo date, the companies that deal with certification and intend to compete for accreditation are working to become accredited certifiers. The Accredia website will be updated monthly.

How to prepare for gender certification?

To prepare your organization and the necessary data for certification, we suggest the following steps:

  1. Compilation of the Inclusion Impact Index: the application collects the quantitative indicators also required by UNI 125:2022 practice and provides a result comparable with that of other organizations. The results of the analysis with the Inclusion Impact Index are expressed both with a general score and with a specific score related to 4 macro areas: governance, attractiveness (measures the company’s ability to attract talent), development (measures the activities related to training and professional development from a gender perspective), retainment (measures the company’s ability to retain and enhance talents in organizations).
  2. Evaluation of the result of the Inclusion Impact Index: it is possible to compare the positioning of the company in respect to the requirements of UNI practice as a preparatory work for certification.
  3. Request a pre-audit from an accredited certification body: in this way it is possible to anticipate the possibility of success in the certification process required by law.

What are the various types of certification in Italy?

There are various types of certifications carried out by different bodies:


  • Gender certification that gives access to benefits through a reward system

 UNI / PdR 125: 2022 (see above)


  • Gender certification with the aim of monitoring and analyzing D&I processes

EDGE – Since 2011, The EDGE Certified Foundation has been working to provide a global certification system (EDGE Certification), which uses a standardized methodology applicable to all sectors and geographical areas, with the aim of carrying out an analysis and monitor the progress of the gender gap in the corporate world.

GEEIS – Certification on diversity carried out in Italy in partnership with Bureau Veritas and the Arborus association, born in April 2020 at the European Economic and Social Council in Brussels, defining the first European standard for equality in the workplace.

Equal Salary – Swiss Foundation committed to raising awareness and sponsoring the principles of the United Nations Global Compact through the promotion of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) number 5 “gender equality” and number 8 “decent work and economic growth”. Since 2018 Equal Salary is a member of EPIC – the Equal Pay International Coalition. The certification process is carried out by PWC.

Winning Women Institute – An Italian company engaged in gender equality since 2017, aims to spread the principle of gender equality within the world of work through a structured process with the Dynamic Gender Rating Model methodology.



  • International standard of evaluation of the D&I framework for a assessment


 ISO30415 – It is an international standard that allows you to implement, evaluate, maintain and improve a framework on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), designed to guide and develop business paths characterized by greater inclusiveness and sustainability. It is a reference standard for diversity and inclusion, but it is not a certifiable standard, therefore it cannot replace the UNI / PdR 125:2022 practice.

Which companies are Valore D partners on certification?

Since 2021 Valore D has formalized a partnership with private certification bodies to facilitate the certification process. To date the partnerships of Valore D are with EDGE and Winning Women Institute.

If you would like to receive a feedback by an associated company that has faced the certification process, write to: