Inclusive Organisation

Clear indicators to increase and monitor the degree of diversity
and drive participation, collaboration, and dialogue in the workplace

Inclusion, participation, collaboration, dialogue: apparently very simple words. In reality, to put them into practice in the business world requires a complex process of change that is increasingly necessary for today’s society as an organisational model capable of incorporating and taking advantage of diversity can benefit both people and businesses.


A company that has at least 15% of women on its Senior Management team has profits that are 15.3% higher on average. Why? Because different leadership styles and points of view help to generate innovation and gain a better understanding of the market. It’s no coincidence that 65% of family purchases today are made by women. Being able to understand and interpret the female point of view is therefore a strategic goal for the success of any business.


Valore D supports companies in creating inclusive organisational models by leveraging its know-how and companies’ best practices, academic studies and research results. In 2018, we organised many editions of 3-6 days programmes for people at various organisational levels, 2 intercompany mentorship programmes and 24 one-day courses in 5 different cities. Thanks to the involvement of our member companies, we have also collaborated to produce three studies: Storie D Valore to support and facilitate change, When Women Thrive to study how women in business can grow professionally (in collaboration with Mercer), and SMART Boards for Smart Companies to analyse how more inclusive Boards of Directors achieve better operational results.