Corporate Wellbeing

Based on the experiences of our member companies and research data, we have developed practical tools to help organisations implement integrated welfare and wellbeing programs

Happiness throughout the company, namely the wellness of people within an organisation, is the ultimate frontier of corporate wellbeing. Those who are happy with their work and in their work environment are much more committed, loyal, thus productive.

By creating work environments that are innovative, flexible and attentive to their employees’ needs and by keeping levels of wellbeing and motivation high, companies can reduce absenteeism and improve productivity at the same time. What’s more, investing in wellbeing also brings financial benefits.

For a company, however, it’s crucial to define which measures in which areas are more effective and appreciated by employees and consequently how to structure programmes that impact organisational wellbeing, i.e. smart working. This is why sharing skills and requirements can help you find the best solution for each organisation.

welfare -HEAD-SITO Valore D

Valore D supports companies in defining these pathways: so far in 2018, we have organised two SharingLabs®, intercompany roundtables aimed at promoting the sharing of experiences, tools, and methods related to wellbeing. The participants  are HR managers as well as line managers who want to:

  • design smart working plans to empower employees and help them work better, encouraging an improved work-life balance;
  • instill happiness in the workplace: a happy life equals a happy company and can therefore lead to better results and profits.

In addition, Valore D has also published three Perfect Policies (Policy Perfette). These ready-to-use guides are designed to support companies in implementing welfare plans, smart working and happiness within their organisations.

Click to download (available only in Italian):

Perfect Policy on Wellbeing Plan

Perfect Policy on Smart Working

Perfect Policy on Parental Leave