Best Practices

The power of networking, the value of sharing

An exchange of best practices on all aspects of diversity and inclusion accelerates and improves business processes. Valore D encourages sharing by collecting and systematising the Best Practices reported and published by its member companies, thereby becoming a heritage for everyone.

Valore D produces specific in-depth studies on particularly topical issues, which can be provided to institutions as a concrete example of how the private sector is evolving and supporting legislative proposals.

Such an exchange addresses all the principal challenges related to diversity and inclusion, such as D&I policies, metrics, inclusive leadership, parenting, women’s networks, corporate welfare systems, the generational divide, the ageing workforce, disabilities and smart-working.

In the virtual space of the Valore D Community, member companies can share and refer to the best practices within the network and open a dialogue with other virtuous companies.

Would you like to join the Valore D network and begin sharing your best practices?