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Diversity can be a financial asset for your business

• Companies whose senior management teams are made up of at least 15% of women bring in profits that are 15.3% higher;
• 50% of people who take part in Valore D’s activities achieve professional development within 18 months;
• 65% of companies in the Valore D network carry structured smart working programmes;
• 87% have a corporate wellbeing plan.

(Credit Suisse Gender 3000, Valore D Annual Member Survey 2017)



250 companies have already chosen to become part of Valore D’s network in order to:

Promote the KPI set out by integrated reporting
Through its activities, Valore D can support your company in monitoring the diversity and inclusion indicators set out by the new legislation on Non-Financial Information.

Position the company as an authoritative voice on the topics of diversity and inclusion
Valore D opens the door to a network made up of national and international companies that are already committed to diversity and inclusion, fostering fruitful collaboration and sharing corporate best practices, as well as a productive dialogue with institutions.

Participate in training activities for member companies
Joining Valore D also allows you to benefit from multiple initiatives aimed at member companies including meetings and training paths, cross-company mentorship programs, workshops of best practice sharing

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Can I become a member and take advantage of Valore D's initiatives as an individual?

Valore D is an association of companies, therefore it is not possible for individuals to join the initiatives.

Can my company get involved with Valore D's activities even if it is not a member?

Valore D organizes and is a guest at numerous events open to the public and dedicated to the issue of diversity and gender inclusion. To stay up-to-date, subscribe to our newsletter.

Are there other ways to collaborate with Valore D?

Valore D supports all companies that require design planning and the implementation of a Diversity & Inclusion strategy.