An inclusive corporate culture starts in the classrooms of Valore D

Growth, communication, and valuing diversity: implementing these principles in organisations requires an integrated transformation process to benefit people and organisations, as well as business. According to Accenture (Getting to Equal, 2020), 81% of women and 77% of men believe that an inclusive corporate culture is essential for effective and successful work practices.
The Valore D Academy has developed a training programme that covers innovative content and new trends to promote an inclusive corporate culture that values all diversities, while maintaining a constant focus on gender equality. The training courses offered are targeted at all employees, men and women. They are structured according to seniority level to meet the training needs of different points in the professional lifespan, from new employees to managerial staff in executive positions.
Our Training Workshops, Sharing Labs and Talks Academy and Pathways, introduce participants to D&I and inclusive leadership themes, delving into its various dimensions with innovative and interactive methodologies, and provide all the tools and skills required to become genuine agents of change in inclusiveness. The training experience is enriched by numerous opportunities for comparative analysis of different companies and time for networking.

During the past year, we have delivered a total of 308 hours of training, which involved more than 2500 people who have reported high satisfaction ratings. Male participation has been increasing, reaching a peak of over 30%, thus helping to foster an alliance between genders that is essential to generate a genuine impact on diversity and inclusiveness in the company.

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